About Company



In 1999 started Cereza Tekstil activity in the readymade clothes sphere. Since its foundation, the basic principle in the company was the quality and variety of products in order to achieve customer satisfaction. In the domestic market, the apparel industry Cereza represents a successful combination of many factors: the unique design and a wide range of products, comfort and style, and thus has an important mission to the space style.


Mission & Vision

Respect in the world market by using the latest technological developments, as well as innovative production structure. Assistance in the development of Turkish economy and industrialization, increase of production, exports, employment rate, respect for the environment, providing customers with quality products and services. Going into world leaders in the apparel industry.




Our quality assurance policy

Through the motivation of our employees, we strive to achieve high standards of corporate culture, so that everyone can be proud of being a family member of our company; we are closely following the technological developments in the world market and quickly adapt to them, in the development of new competitive products we rely on R&D, we put the emphasis on reliability and a high level of business ethics and occupy a worthy place in the market.




In today's business world companies are forced to deal with many internal and external factors. It is strictly necessary to control the delivery time, costs and quality in the face of fierce competition in the market.

1. Focus on results
2. Customer Focus
3. Leadership and constancy of purpose
4. Processes and Data Management
5. Employee Development and their Participation
6. Continuous Learning, Innovation and Improvement
7. Development Cooperation

Sales and Marketing

Absolute customer satisfaction - this is the basic principle of ereza Textile. Our products are mainly exported to overseas markets, and we are always ready to offer our customers best service and high quality products.